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This year a record 49 MEJFC kids have been selected to represent FDJFL in this weeks South East Regional Junior Championships! WOW!

Congratulations to all our kids who tried out and to those who were selected.

It's an amazing reflection of your dedication, determination and love of the game. We are all very proud of you!

From u13's through to u18's we wish all our boys and girls the best of luck. Get out there and show your MEJFC spirit & skill !


Below are a few proud shots of our kids in their uniforms. 

Details of all the games can be found by clicking on the attached link.

We would love to see lots of supporters to cheer the kids home and show our amazing club pride.






U13 1 Hudson Rigg  U15G 24 Laila Dalais  U17 19 Sam Webster 
U13 10 Will Deutscher  U15G 29 Charl Lawrence  U17 22 Trent Attard 
U13 12 Cole Spackman U15 5 Lachie Doughton  U17 23 Joseph Watts 
U13 20 Oliver Pfister  U15 7 Jimmy Cahill  U17 26 Maso Ridder 
U14 3 Harrison Jones  U15 13 Lachlan Robinson  U17 27 Bayley Cole 
U14 9 Billy Taylor 190 U15 17 Curtis Livens  U17 30 Aaron Luca 
U14 18 Owen Williams  U15 20 Lachlan Kimpton  U18G 4 Keely McKenzie 
U14 20 Finnian Russell  U16 4 Nick MacDonald Girolami  U18G 6 Taylah Hedger 
U14 21 Bailey Payze  U16 11 Joel Stevens  U18G 7 Chelsey Hill 
U14 22 Hugo Nosiara  U16 17 Jasper O'Neill  U18G 15 Maya McGain 
U14 26 Sam German  U16 26 Angus Mooney  U18G 19 Phoebe Canning 
U14 30 Fletcher Bayne  U16 27 Harry Rowe  U18G 25 Xiara McFarlane 
U15G 8 Ella Barr  U17 10 Flynn Heraghty  U18G 26 Isabel Shepherd
U15G 15 Deni Dalais  U17 14 Oliver Slater  U18G 28 Shania Garabaldi 
U15G 18 Brooke Fisher  U17 15 Lachlan Fry  U18G 30 Ella Knox
U15G 20 Holly A'Vard  U17 16 Will George   
U15G 22 Marley Royal  U17 18 Andrew Wright   




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