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MEJFC Rego Day 2020


Registrations are open and form a very important part of planning for season 2020.  Team nominations to FDJFL & AFLSE are due by March 1, and with the new bylaws now in place, there are certain numbers required before teams can be nominated.  Therefore late registrations can mean the difference between nominating 1 or more teams per age group and effect the numbers needed to field your child’s side.

There are still many players from 2019 that are not yet re registered, which is not uncommon at this time of year, but this year the new bylaws will cause a few headaches down the line and could mean players miss out  if you don’t register.

The link to register your child is below. It can also be found at the top of the facebook page, just hit the ‘sign up’button or go to the registration section of our website. It’s a simple process and takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

Alternatively you can join us on Sunday at the Junior Clubrooms to not only register your child but also:


  • Buy apparel at discounted prices
  • Order your mouthguard using new scanning technology
  • Order your new personalised training tops


Please note the sibling discount will only be available till Midnight this Sunday Feb 16th

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Rego Day 2020
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